Rälla Sports o Leisure Ltd is in the tradition-laden premises on Öland, this has previously Desire to buy has been a precursor to all outlets and frontier trade name, then PRICE OFF who ran successfully trading for several years
Now Knut Axel Nordenbelt successful in both national team rider and entrepreneur, behind Jacson of Scandinavia equestrian wholesale saddled and started the store with ALWAYS BEST RATES
Rälla bear is the symbol of customer satisfaction is always right to exchange or money back if not fully satisfied.
Rälla Bear also symbolizes warmth and care that you met with when you shop with us, knowledgeable
and dedicated staff will help you to find and make the right choice.
The philosophy is that through a proper mix of the right purchase in Sweden and own imports always offer BEST PRICE
Always the best prices we can achieve through legal purchases and one for low-margin industry that we work with, this
You will always find bargains.
We would like to say a big thank you to all of our approximately 14,000 customers in buying our first season in 2011, it has
we shot in the arm to invest and build on elements of road